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Drifty's Country Christmas
Drifty the Snowman has an unfortunate history with melting, so when the North Pole gang decides to spend Christmas at Cowboy Jim's ranch in Texas, they come prepared— with a bucket.  Bessie the flying cow finds this bucket of water very refreshing, and while Jim tries to figure out how to reconstitute Drifty, Pepita the Elf and Mrs. Claus do a holiday makeover on his ramshackle house, complete with a cactus Christmas tree.  
Drifty's Warm & Cozy Christmas
A sack full of toys belongs on Santa's sleigh, unless you put Drifty the Snowman in charge of getting it there.  He's not so good at reading, so his three sacks labled "toys" "trash" and "mail" get delivered to the wrong places.  It might seem like a nice gesture to give your postman a sack full of toys, but Grumpy MacGregor is not in the mood.  And when the power company doesn't receive payment— the lights go out, forcing Grumpy to spend the night in Santa's living room, slumber-party style.
Drifty's Sleepy Santa
It's the day before Santa's big sleigh-ride and he can't get any sleep.  Even a bedtime reading of "T'was the Night" (the Drifty version) doesn't seem to work.  Enter two elf brothers from the Bronx, Tony and Big Tony, students in Pepita's Christmas Elf Correspondence Course.  They've invented a cuddly "Freddy-Bear" that helps Santa sleep so soundly, they can't get him to wake back up! Who's going to deliver the toys?
Drifty's Christmas Follies
Legendary Hollywood film director, Max Von Strudel, has been hired to transform the annual North Pole Follies into something even more spectacular. Trouble is, there's not much in the talent pool.  As Pepita, Mrs. Claus, and Cowboy Jim struggle to hit their marks, a star is born— Drifty the Snowman. His poem "The Noble Fir" becomes the highlight of the big finale, followed by a standing ovation from the audience (prompted by Santa, of course!)  
Santa's reindeer are being very naughty; they're outside flying around and they won't come down.  Even a rational appeal from Christy the Christmas Seal won't work.  Thank goodness Cowboy Jim arrives— he can wrangle those reindeer Texas-style, if only he could find his magic lasso.  The stakes get even higher when Drifty leaves for a spontaneous vacation to the Lone Star State— where he melts. They've got to get those reindeer down so they can fly to Drifty's rescue. Looks like they'll need some of Santa's Christmas magic.
Drifty's Reindeer Roundup
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